Is it possible for my financial advisors to help me find the right bank?
Does my banker really know what the best investment strategy is for me?
In my bank, who really manages my money?
Why does my banker always try to sell me his in-house products?
How can my portfolio still generate returns with all the bank's structure costs it has to bear?
Will my banker be able to find investment opportunities different from those proposed by the bank?

Clients entrust us to shield away the complexity of investing money and its unrelated running costs.

Who we are

As we set up  Aldrin Wealth Management SA, we knew that our international backgrounds and own experience in financial institutions for over twenty years each would be the cornerstones for the simple proposition of our business model:

Wealth management is about focusing on the basics. It is investing in companies, buying debt, holding commodities and being vigilant on the costs of carrying out these activities. Generating returns is also about finding innovative investment ideas and themes across the globe thanks to our vast network of partners. Managing portfolios and addressing the complex needs of our clients is about sharing our experiences. We strongly believe that problems are solved and opportunities discovered with the help of people.

Jean Turrettini
Alexander Kotchoubey
Anders Davidsen

Wealth management is as much about people as it is about money.

What we do

We are small and nimble and it is by design.

Aldrin focuses on the services and results that our clients pay us to deliver and our size makes us accountable.

Today, our clients come from all over Europe. A majority of them are swiss residents.

Aldrin Wealth works because it is made up of seasoned private banker who bring their collective expertise of Hedge Funds and asset and wealth management, in developed and emergent countries, to the benefit of our clients and their families.

There are no committee based decision trees or complicated hierarchical procedures that get in the way of finding solutions.

Clients work with us because we put the control of their financial affairs back into their hands with our guidance. Not every bank answers the needs of every client but they can all play a complementary role in the business of managing money. By building a relationship with Aldrin Wealth Management, our clients have direct access to our vast network of counterparties and can discover the flexibility that’s suits their needs.

What we offer is simplicity and people.

How we do it

Leo Tolstoy wrote that “There is no greatness where there is not simplicity, goodness and truth.” 

When asked what we do, we say “we manage money and we solve problems”

How we do it?

  1. We use a research driven top down investment tool that allows us to be disciplined and receive a quantitative input on the risks we and our clients are prepared to take in exchange for the return that we target.
  2. We favor direct investments and passive index vehicles to earn returns in the market, while remaining open to special situations that would favorably remunerate an added cost of investing.
  3. As we thrive to make money in today’s market outside the traditional asset classes, we are always on the lookout for ideas, geographies and markets that use capital in innovative and competitive ways.

Finally, it’s about one proposition: putting our only focus on our client.

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